Union Académique Internationale

Humanities and Social Sciences International Association Founded in 1919


In a perspective of openness to the world and establishing of a collective and international dynamic, the UAI’s mission is to aid the establishment and the favoring of initiatives that are, almost without except on basic research (critical editions of literary and philosophical texts, collections of documents and archaeological materials, linguistic and archaeological atlases, glossaries, dictionaries, catalogs, etc.). These projects are titled “entreprises”

Since 1919, the number of projects sponsored, supported or supervised by the UAI has steadily increased. From the first three projects (Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Alchemical texts and Works of Grotius), we came today to the number of 76 projects.

The organization of these projects may follow different models. In general, the project’s director has the opportunity to be assisted by an international committee representing the member academies interested in that project. Sometimes, the International Committee takes on the character and function of a Drafting Committee. In addition, to promote the project, National Committees may be constituted in the participating countries.

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