Union Académique Internationale

Humanities and Social Sciences International Association Founded in 1919



The Union Académique Internationale is an organization of more than a hundred academies national academies from more than 60 countries and several international academies. The UAI works to promote the advancement of knowledge, development of scientific exchanges and initiatives of its academies. The increasing number of projects, by its willingness to accommodate more members of academies, the International Academic Union and aims to represent the principle of excellence which animates it.

The Union Académique Internationale's mission:

  1. encouraging cooperation between national Academies (and comparable institutions) whose activities are mainly or partly concerned with the field of human and social sciences. This cooperation is achieved by leading projects of high scholarly and intellectual standard and by coordinating interdisciplinary and joint activities, conceived in full partnership, over the long and medium-term. These should result in the production of fundamental reference tools that enhance the knowledge and advance fundamental research, for the benefit of both the people involved in the research (scholars, experts, researchers,…) and the general public;
  2. safeguarding and promoting of the human and social sciences, at the level of both national and international academies;
  3. developing solid support for every national academy and its members, provided people are convinced of the rightfulness and the advantages of this solidarity and international cooperation.

To achieve its mission, the UAI will work in the years to come, to:

  1. increase inter-academy cooperation by multiplying the projects which it will share or initiate ;
  2. encourage all the national organisations that are active in the domain of human and social sciences, to join the uai by developing or cooperating on scholarly projects of a high standard recognised at the international level ;
  3. at the international level to represent jointly and in a proactive way, directly or indirectly (in partnership with supranational and or non governmental organisations) both the academies themselves and their fundamental principle of excellence.

To fulfil its mission and to carry out its vision, the uai will have the following objectives :

  1. to strengthen the progress and the implementation of current projects and to increase their relevance in a positive and critical way; to undertake syntheses, made available to the Member Academies ;
  2. to set up a strategic plan that will consider the dissemination of information to be essential in the new information age, a plan that will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the spread of information, and that will be updated through periodic assessments ;
  3. to update the functioning of its governance and management bodies (General Assembly, Bureau, General Secretariat) and to develop a positive image by a critical reassessment of its communication tools (website, Bulletin, periodical,…) ;
  4. to increase its financial means and the funds made available for projects through a systematic search for partnership with international public or private foundations ;
  5. to encourage member academies to participate more actively in current projects and to set up new interdisciplinary and internationally oriented projects;
  6. to strengthen its presence and its participation in international organizations (UN, Unesco, Unicef, EU, OAS, AU, ASEAN, ICPHS, ISSC, ESF,…) by increasing its visibility in these venues, utilizing its accumulated knowledge and that of its members, and emphasizing its links with the global communications set up by them.