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Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA)

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The project Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum is the oldest project under the patronage of the UAI, since it was established at the time of the first Assembly of the International Union of Academies in 1920.

The CVA project has as its aim to publish, in the form of fascicules of texts and of plates, ceramic vessels surviving from Classical Antiquity, which union is preserved in the different national collections of the countries involved in the project. Every Academy entrusts a central committee with the task of preparing, in a standardized format, the fascicules for which it is responsible. An authorized person, appointed by the UAI from amongst the delegates or the associate delegates (according to Article 7 of the Regulations), is responsible for the coordination and consistency of the publications.

Twenty-four countries participate, or have participated, in the project. Up to the present they have published more then 300 fascicules (76 by Italy, 71 by Germany, 39 by France, 36 by the USA, 21 by Great Britain, 9 by Poland, 9 by Denmark, 7 by the Netherlands, 7 by Switzerland, etc.). It is of interest to point out the recent addition of Russia, Turkey and Brazil : it bears witness to the vitality and the scientific usefulness of this publication series.

Among recent projects, the Oxford University’s Beazley Archive initiates the CVA Online project which consists in the digitalisation of out-of-print fascicules. The site provides links to the Beazley Archive database besides offering the digitized catalogues. This work still continue under the patronage of the Archives.

Directed by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Directors : E. Pottier 1922-1934, A. Merlin 1935-1954, Ch. Dugas 1954-1957, P. Devambez 1958-1980, F. Villard 1980-1988, H. Metzger 1988-2002, J. de La Genière 2002-

List of Committees

International Committee
BALTY Jean-CharlesMemberAcadémie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
BOARDMAN JohnMemberBritish Academy
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