Union Académique Internationale

Humanities and Social Sciences International Association Founded in 1919



Last modification : 2013


Article 1 : a) Delegates shall be designated by Member Academies for a period covering at least two ordinary General Assemblies ; Institutions qualified to designate delegates shall notify the names of their delegates to the Administrative Secretariat three months in advance. b) When a titular delegate is prevented from being present at a General Assembly, or if he is no longer able to exercise his functions, the Member whom he represents may designate a substitute.


Article 2 : a) The delegates of the UAI shall meet once every other year in a General Assembly, unless the Bureau decides otherwise (for which decision the Bureau shall account to the next following General Assembly). At each General Assembly the delegates shall fix the date and place of the following General Assembly. They may be convoked out of normal time by the Bureau, if the latter judges it necessary. b) General Assemblies shall normally be held at Brussels. However, the UAI may accept an invitation from a Member to hold a General Assembly in the country to which that Member belongs.


Article 3 : a) An initiative in research or publication can be taken by either a delegate mandated for this purpose by one or more affiliated bodies, or by the Bureau of the Union. b) A proposal for research or publication must contain a precise definition of its subject, a statement of its leading ideas, plan of work and estimate of expenditure and the originators of the proposal must indicate the extent to which they themselves intend to contribute to its execution. c) The proposals referred to above shall be announced to the delegates during the course of the General Assembly, which, if it accepts them in principle, shall entrust the examination of them to an ad hoc committee consisting of three to five persons. The ad hoc committee shall study the proposal which it has been commissioned to examine from the point of view both of its likely contribution to knowledge and from that of the new commitments in which it might involve the finances and the services of the Administrative Secretariat. The delegates to the UAI must be informed of the contents of the report of the ad hoc committee at least three months before the meeting of the General Assembly so that they can receive instructions and a precise mandate from the Member Academy or group of Member Academies of whom they are the mandatories. d) In the case of a project already in progress, if the patronage of the UAI is requested before the meeting of the Bureau, the latter may recommend to the opening session of the next following General Assembly the formation of an ad hoc committee charged with the duty of making a report to the closing session of that General Assembly. The latter may decide to grant the patronage of the UAI to the project, if it is satisfied that Members were informed of the request for patronage three months before the session.

Projects Directed by a Member of the UAI

Article 4 : a) The Members who have undertaken the responsibility for a piece of research or a publication and have received the approval of the General Assembly shall control the direction of it ; they shall organize the work, designate its headquarters, choose collaborators and summon them to a meeting when they judge it necessary.

b) They shall designate a Director of the project who shall be required to submit a written report to the General Assembly on the progress of the project.

Projects under the Immediate Direction of the UAI

Article 5 : For all projects under its immediate direction, the UAI shall designate a Director for a term of three ordinary General Assemblies.

Projects Patronised by the UAI

Article 6 : For each project to which it has accorded its patronage the UAI shall designate a delegate or substitute delegate a mandatory whose duty it shall be to follow the progress of the project closely and to present an report on it in the course of the General Assembly.


Article 7 : a) At the General Assemblies, the Bureau shall constitute for each project in progress, a expert committee to examine the reports of Directors or of mandatories, deliberate on the steps to be taken and decide what proposals shall be submitted to the General Assembly. The Directors of projects who are not delegates to the General Assembly and other scholars actively engaged in the projects in question may be invited to take part in the deliberations of a particular committee, but they shall not have the right to vote. Persons invited to take part in the deliberations of a particular committee may equally be invited to attend the General Assembly for the discussion of questions concerning that committee. The President of the committee may invite them to speak. b) A committee called The Business Committee (‘Affaires Internes’) shall be entrusted with such business as requires consideration before it is put on the agenda of the General Assembly. It shall be composed of fourteen members, viz. the members of the Bureau and five delegates, plus the Secretary. The Business Committee may invite the delegates of CISPH and of UNESCO to those meeting in which the relationships between the UAI and those organizations is to be discussed. c) A committee called The Committee of Finance and Accounts (‘Finances et Comptes’) shall examine the financial resources and commitments of the UAI and also its annual accounts. It shall be composed of seven members, viz. three members of the Bureau, and four delegates (two of them being the two delegates charged with the auditing of the accounts) plus the Secretary. Except for members of the Bureau, members of the Business Committee shall not be members of the Committee of Finances and Accounts. The report of the Committee of Finances and Accounts shall be examined by the Business Committee before presentation to the General Assembly. d) A committee called The Committee of External Affairs (Affaires Extérieures) shall be entrusted with considering matters arising from applications for membership. e) A Committee called Nomination Committee shall make proposals for every election related to the Bureau. It shall report directly to the General Assembly after having presented the results of its work to the Bureau. It shall establish rules of operations which shall be first approved by the General Assembly. The Members of the Nomination Committee shall be elected by the General Assembly. f) The members of each of these three committees and likewise the members of the Bureau shall always be titular delegates, preferably persons who have been delegates for two years at least. g) None of the three committees can accept two members from the same country. h) New members shall be admitted after an examination of their Statutes and publications by an ad hoc Candidatures Committee composed of five delegates nominated by the Bureau. The ad hoc committee shall report to the Business Committee.


Article 8 : ISCPHS - The General Assembly may decide that the UAI shall undertake a specific, limited task that has been proposed to its Bureau by the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (icphs) of which the UAI is a founding member, and with which it is in regular contact. ISSC - The General Assembly may decide that the UAI shall undertake a specific, limited task that has been proposed to its Bureau by the International Social Science Council of which the uai is a member, and with which it is in regular contact. UNESCO - Projects of the UAI to which a subvention has been allocated by UNESCO through the agency of ICPHS or of ISSC shall conform to the rules imposed by those bodies.


Article 9 : Requests for payment from the budget allocated for scholarly purposes shall be addressed to the Secretary.

Proposals for Changes

Article 10 : Proposals for changes in the Regulations must be presented, whether made by one or more delegates or the Bureau, at last three months before the meeting of the General Assembly. The vote of a simple majority of the delegates present is needed for the acceptance of such proposals.